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 The multiple uses of Chiiyaam

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MessageThe multiple uses of Chiiyaam

Chiiyaam, our Native Essence, is mostly known for its relaxing qualities. A majority of people use it to eliminate their stress or to lighten the atmosphere. And, it does it pretty well. But did you know that Chiiyaam does much more than that? In this article, you will read some suggestions you can apply in order to make more use of this Native Essence:

1- Chiiyaam helps eliminate insomnia. You can vaporize some on your pillow to enhance deeper sleep. We have received many testimonials from people who used Chiiyaam for their insomnia with success. Do you have a child who has a lot of nightmares or is afraid in the dark? Vaporize some Chiiyaam in his room before closing the light and it will make him or her feel more secure. Many children now request « Blue Eagle’s magic spray ».

2- Now, let’s talk about the bed in which you’re sleeping: Chiiyaam eliminates acarids efficiently. And it doesn’t only kill those microscopic spiders; it softens their chitinous envelope, making their bodies non-allergenic. Blue Eagle suggests to generously vaporize your mattress, pillow and blankets when you wash your sheets or at least once per month. To eliminate acarids on your sheets wash them in hot water.

3- You can use Chiiyaam to expel your inner conflicts; it helps to reach a good mental equilibrium. In the past, a soldier explained us how he had difficulty managing his daily reality in the army in after embarquing on a spiritual and philosophical path in contradiction with the armys objectives. Using Chiiyaam allowed him to create a ‘‘bubble’’, in the morning, which would accompany him throughout the day. This protective aura gave him inner peace making it possible to for him feel good at work.

4- Chiiyaam can relieve localized pain, as surprising as this may sound! For example: back pain. Recently, we received a testimonial from a construction worker who managed to eliminate his pain by spraying the liquid on his sore muscles when arriving from work.

5 - Finally, in a more general vein, Chiiyaam predisposes to a good overall health. How? By working on psychic energy and balancing out positive ions in the air. Here is some interesting evidence demonstrating its effectiveness against colds:

Citation :

Hi Blue Eagle,

[…]I use it when I have a cold. As soon as I feel some symptoms, I put one drop under each nostril (I generally do it in the evening before going to bed) and the result is radical : I haven't been sick for a long time!

I use it for my family as well. Its efficiency is unbelievable. Even when someone has a big cold, it only takes 2 days to cure it. -Francis

So, these are some uses of the Chiyaam. And you, what do you with your bottle? Do you have other suggestions or testimonials to share with us? We would love to hear them!
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The multiple uses of Chiiyaam

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